Here's what a few bow makers have to say about my EASY instructions for bows that they've already been using:

"I can now make beautiful hair bows in a simple, quick way. The bows that I make from the video directions look just like the ones from stores." - Amelia C.

"Thank you Jenn for giving me faith that I CAN do it, and with frustration-free instructions!" - Gina D.

"Truly love the bow directions. I have made many bows this season for my daughter's High School Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleading teams. The coaches put together a cheer clinic for girls in 2nd to 6th grade and I put together 60 bows for the event. The parents and coaches were estatic over the bows. The directions were very easy to follow and I love making them a little extra special by combining the techniques. So much possibilities with making new bows that are unique." - Celinda L.

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